design festival
Scenography with Studio Monsieur, Berlin, Germany.

A show by design students of Esad Strasbourg, France
Thirteen projects.
Nine students.
First show.
Berlin as a rendez-vous place for different people and projetcs,
made in one school and one year, but never exhibited together.
We brought three chairs, a bench,
one lamp and a lighting object,
an electric switch and an exciting soil energy plant.
Most of these proposals take place on the domestic territory.
Yes, still the house emerging as an important horizon. Sorry for that.
We should have guessed that chairs are not scarce in designland,
but we liked them so much we couldn't refuse them this trip.
Then this home vision may include a broader understanding of the world around.
It may deal with memories (school?), restless ecological worries or a fascination
for mysterious physical phenomenons. We'll see.
We'll talk later and try to explain why the home still largely stands in the center.
Then for a larger urban context, we propose a cork bike helmet.
It is peaceful, as all our projects are, by the way.
A pair of chemicaly inspired feminine shoes for instance. Pure scientifical generosity.
On a more experimental level, designs  that smells and heats you up:
two works using solely wood, gravitating around the human body
and its relationships to its surroundings.
A large family of glasses, which enhances perception over seeing.
Reality deceives much too often, we know that for long now.
But it allows some enjoyable surprises too. That's what we are looking for.